This store sells books published by KISSA BOOKS. We started publishing in 2022. “Kissa” means “cat” in Finnish, and the name KISSA BOOKS derived from a gallery called gallery kissa which I opened in 2012. Our first picture book author Mio Hashimoto is a sculpture who has relationship with gallery kissa since 2013. She has utmost talent in making the “animal portraits” in wood as if they are alive. The picture book “Kamisama-no Naita Hi” (A day that a ‘god’ cried) published first in 2007 from Tally’s Coffee while she was student at an art school. Although we made “reissue” of the book, the entire art works is re-drawn, and renewed book binding and design.

We are such a small publisher, but we would like to explorer and challenge expanding the possibility of a book. At the startup, we only have books available in Japanese, but we have plan to publish in English. We opened English website even if we don’t have English books yet! Hoping that our books may deliver to the worldwide and people’s hearts around the globe, soon.

Yoshinari TAKIMOTO, KISSA BOOKS in 2022
Tokyo, JAPAN