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Papyrus, the origin of modern paper, was born about 3200 years ago, around 1200 BC, to write letters in ancient Egypt. The history of the book goes back further, and it is made in Mesopotamia about 5,000 years ago in the form of engraving letters on clay. Furthermore, the ancient murals are in the form of picture books that tell stories rather than art, and their history is estimated to be at least about 64,800 years from the oldest murals in La Pasiega, Martra Vieso and Altares Cave in Spain.

In other words, picture books can be said to be the first medium that succeeded from the earliest times that human beings “directly pass on to posterity” rather than from traces. Furthermore, I think that picture books have new possibilities that have not been exhausted yet.

In addition to the role of writing and communicating knowledge, wisdom, and folklore through symbols such as letters, mathematical formulas, and musical scores, books have the potential to convey expressions such as arts and colors, as well as the feel and sensation of books as “things.”

We will explore the possibilities of such books, convey the present time, and aim to create books that will change something by having a book.


Yoshinari TAKIMOTO

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